Im me and noone else. Im not one of those girls who follow around and act (copy) eachother for every fricken thing they do. There is thousands of girls out there who follow a leader game and its gross.:s fucking hate Fakes.
My friends are insane and I love them all to death. theycan get annoying but I know if I ever need anyone I can trust them to be there. :)
I am opinionated - if you ask me a question I will give you a straight answer no matter what subject-
I am loudand I talk a hell of alot.
Ive Had a few tumblrs previously, I post whatever I like whenever I feel like it, :P if you dont like it suck it, :) <3

December 26, 2011 8:37 am
commemorate the positive eliminate the negitive

commemorate the positive eliminate the negitive

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